Special sport fishing stay in the Bijagos, Guinea Bissau. Hosting in hotel on bubaque island

Fishing stay in a hotel in the Bijagos archipelago, Guinea Bissau

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Our boats equipped for sport fishing
As far as fishing, KASA AFRIKANA possesses _ fully equipped fishing boats which includes onboard electronics as well as safety and rescue equipment. Seven 7.50 metres long boats with Yamaha Enduro single engine and another 10 metres one with a twin 115 cv Yamaha Enduro engine. All of them are skippered by experienced sailors who are very keen on fishing and who are experts of the archipelago. They will guide you towards unique spots and will provide you all the necessary advice.
At the mercy of wind and tidal conditions, we will suggest a multifishing package and you will choose between : heavy or light casting from the shore or from the boat, heavy wedged, fine bottom fishing, jig, struts, dragging, surfcasting. In favourable conditions you will practise 2 to 3 types of fishing every day.
Cast fishing, dragging, surfcating...
African red snapper, one of the many species you can find in the Bijagos islands
The Bijagos islands' weak funds help maintain an intense planktonic living which itself help maintain the diversity of the present species. You will be able to fish a wide variety of jacks (at least 7 different species) and the fighting african red snapper.
But also barracudas, silver croakers, snappers, white groupers, mackerels, varied rays, numerous sharks, elops, captains, permits, small and sometimes big tarpons.
The pleasure to catch a barracuda on a fishing day around Bubaque island
Deserted beach in the Bijagos archipelago
After a hard morning of fishing, you will enjoy a pic-nic lunch and some cool drinks that would have been prepared just for you and that you will sample on a deserted beach...
If you are a beginner or hesitant about the choice of the material to bring over, you can rent here most of the things you'll need to overcome our «mémé»
Some of our fishing equipment
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